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Monterey Bay Boat Charters offers many opportunities to enjoy Monterey Bay, California, and learn about the marine mammals, birds and other sea life in the Bay.

  • Whale watching trips - year-round
       Summer/fall trips (April through December) feature humpback whales, blue whales and dolphins.
      Winter/spring trips (January through March) feature gray whales and dolphins.
      Killer whales can be seen at any time of the year.
    Please call 831-372-0599 for private whale watch charter prices. For our daily whale watch trips with a Marine Biologist/Naturalist see the Monterey Bay Whale Watch website for details.

  • Seabird Trips - 8 hour and 12 hour trips, with longer offshore trips in the fall. See Monterey Seabirds for dates and details.

  • Burial At Sea - We offer chartered boat trips for services including scattering of ashes at sea. See our Burial At Sea page for details.

  • Charter Boats - Private charters for groups, corporations and conferences, and other events. For charter boat prices see

We have three vessels available for these trips:

  • The BLACKFIN is a 65' Catamaran with capacity of 125 passengers and Upstairs/Downstairs Inside/Outside seating and viewing.

  • The Sea Wolf II is a 70' single hull vessel, capacity 69 passengers, with inside and outside seating.

  • The Point Sur Clipper is a 55' single hull vessel, capacity 48 (similarly equipped as the Sea Wolf II).

All of our vessels are fully Coast Guard Inspected and insured. Each vessel carries life vests for all passengers and all required safety equipment. Our vessels are equipped with navigation devices, radar, marine radios, depth sounders and two restrooms. Each vessel has Eco-Friendly Turbo Diesel engines.

We do not provide catering services for our charter trips, but we recommend the following experienced boat caterer:
     Monte Vista Market
     15 Soledad Drive
     Monterey, CA 93940


Pt. Sur Clipper

  Monterey Bay Whale Watch, LLC
  84 Fisherman's Wharf
Monterey, CA 93940
  Phone 831-372-0599
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